Future perspectives at the Global Gaming Expo Las Vegas

'The United States is just behind on things, unlike the rest of the world,’ says Jonathan ‘Las Vegas’ Humbert from KLAS-TV 8. ‘Right on this moment, millions of people in Europe and Asia can bet on sports games from their mobile phones. They have access to realmoney accounts with which they can play on slots and in casinos from their laptops at home, but in the United States it is still illegal to do so. But, fortunately there are companies who are preparing Las Vegas for the future in which our casinos must go online.’

Casinos have to offer their services online

Humbert said further: "Konami has a new application that tracks the performance of players and with which players can keep track on their own games. Also, gaming analyst Bill Lerner said that local casinos must offer their services online, despite the fact that American players do not have access to them.’

Online gambling: a market that needs to be explored

‘Another question that arises is what will happen to the games if, and when, online gambling is legalized," said Frank Fahrenkopf, head of the American Gaming Association to a reporter from Las Vegas KTNV. ‘I think it is clear that the consensus about online gambling is changing. Last March, the American Gaming Association has decided that the online market is one that we need to explore.’
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