China enacts initial internet regulation

China recently implemented its first internet laws that specifically control the marketing of online gambling. The Chinese ministry of culture stated that the regulation is required to prevent that children view disputable content and gamble online. The Chinese government introduced the internet laws in June.

Internet gaming

The regulation orders that online games aiming on minors should not contain content that can provoke behavior that infringes social morals and law. The law determines that online gamblers need to subscribe with their real names to play in online casinos.

Online gambling

Nevertheless, the legislation seems to be interpretable with regard to the definitions of what content would cause behavior that infringes social morals. The new regulation appears to  oblige gaming firms to create methods that reduce the gaming time limit for minors. However, the law fails to specify what method should be developed or what is considered as an acceptable time limit.

Internet penetration

China Internet Network Information Center revealed that 420 million Chinese citizens have access to the internet. Market watchers estimate that the online gambling industry in China represented a value of approximately €2.97 billion last year.
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