Censorship legislation close at hand in Australia

Australia’s online gambling market has been attracting a lot of media attention in the last months. The Australian government believes that content filtering is the only effective way to safeguard its citizens. Global internet interest groups have argued the proposed internet censorship. That would enable the government to monitor a broad range of websites that are currently available in Australia. Aussie citizens can access those sites due to a free and unblocked internet system. The Sydney Morning Herald seems to support content filtering and disapprove online gambling. This unexpected stance has surprised many international media.

Online gambling

The media really influence the opinion of the citizens as they control the available information. Additionally, the media determines what information can be accessed and consumed easily. The Sydney Morning Herald claims that online casino’s are a potential threat. Australia’s oldest newspaper stated that obligatory safeguards are required to control problem and underage gambling. The Sydney Morning Herald’s stance isn’t good news for the online gambling industry. The Australian media were the only hope to prevent enforcement of the content filtering law considering the powerful position of the government.

Censorship legislation Australia

There are concerns currently that the Australian government is set to pass the law. This would result in extensive control and content filtering. Australia’s government has already extended the list of banned websites. Initially, the list only featured online gambling sites. Some porn categories are now also set to be banned. Both can be justified but it remains a worrying trend. It could create alarming levels of control, which the South Pacific government supports.
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