BodogBrand snaps up for €4.385.003 is considered as the second best gaming domain in the world. BodogBrand has made a successful bid for the powerful generic gaming domain. The €4.385.003 acquisition is the largest transaction this year with regard to a domain. It now also lists the top 10 ever. “The world wide web has had a major impact on how we do business. I found myself in the L'Atelier restaurant in London bidding millions to obtain,” according to BodogBrand founder Calvin Ayre.


“We consider as the second best gaming domain in the world. It even beats as the poker industry lacks strong brands. Additionally, slot games are more widespread than poker. Slot games have a more dominate position in casinos than poker. Furthermore, this domain name is recognizable and easy to memorize. adds value to several aspects of our activities. The gaming domain should generate international traffic to our Bodog websites. It also helps to create several other targeted sites. One of those websites is created by a female gambler and targets on female players,” Ayre stated.

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BodogBrand owns and licenses Bodog, which is the world’s leading online amusement and gambling brand. BodogBrand provides licenses to preferred online gaming operators. This licensing process is comparable with the way the Bodog brand is presently licensed to global gaming operators. During the interim period all Bodog websites use it to generate traffic to their online gambling websites and poker rooms.

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“Domains like are extremely valuable as they are simple and easy to remember. Both aspects attract a wide range of players. We obviously aim on the female gambling market. BodogBrand is an experienced player in the online gambling industry. In combination with the increasing number of female players there is a lot of potential,” Rebecca Liggero, global brand ambassador for BodogBrand, commented.
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