Black market for online casinos threatens France

The online gambling industry has been dominated by the possible liberalization of the French online casino market. Many offshore gambling groups have waited in the last few years for the long-expected EU consistent gambling laws. The French government has so far failed to create such regulations. For that reason, online gambling websites can legally enter the French market.

French gambling monopoly

La Française des Jeux, owned and operated by the French government, has many privileges in comparison to its foreign competitors. Offshore online casinos also face high taxes that could radically reduce potential profits. The French prospects are gloomy if France maintains the regulations that were disapproved by the European Union.

Black market online casinos

The unfair online gambling market in France affects French citizens. It’s likely that this situation results in a strong black market for online casinos. A similar black market already exists in the US. The French plans only allow specific online casinos that are licensed. It’s interesting how the French government plans to exclude other gambling websites without blocking internet service providers.

Online gambling France

France also needs to find ways to block offshore online casinos. The US has a flourishing black market for online casinos. This black market consists of gambling websites that lack government control. Gamblers are in danger because governments aren’t able to control these online casinos. Additionally, online players don’t have the opportunity to report problems and issues.
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