Bacchanalian party revealed by Fire & Ice

Lyceum Media and sponsors of Fire & Ice have organized a night of Bacchanalian Decadence on January 27th. Bacchanalian Decadence is a devilish event of vice and joyfulness rejoicing the life of the archaic Roman God Bacchus.

Mystical extravaganza

The Bacchanalia were untamed and mystical events held to pay deference to Bacchus, the Roman deity of vintage and celebrations. The revelry was so legendary that it has become a synonymous for any form of drunken celebrations. Initially the secret festivals were only accessible for aficionados, the Selenis. Access to Bacchus’ empire has been extended for one single night to the sorority of iGaming.

Bacchanalian Decadence

Only illusion will not be sufficient to imagine what this night will bring. Wickedness, sex and disorder will dominate, while provoking unlit twists will unfurl and unveil why the Romans prohibited the Bacchanalia thousands of years ago.

Fire & Ice

Jodie Thind, event producer of Fire&Ice, commented: “We have truly raised the boundaries in 2010 and unveiled our wild side. It is expected that this year’s Fire & Ice will outperform all previous ones. On behalf of all attendees, we thank our sponsors, Lyceum Media and Bluff Europe, Cake Network, INTRALOT Interactive and GTECH G2, who contributed to the realization of the 2010 Fire&Ice edition, which will be a new immoral event!”

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