Australian censors cross the line

Australian censors decided to ban and block websites that featured nakedness of small breasted women. Indeed, new censorship measures result in not only filtering internet casinos, and child pornography, but also pornography and images of nude small-breasted women that may be associated with child pornography.
These new polices have been disapproved by a women’s group that strongly insists on reconsideration of this thoughtless and bold decision by the Australian committee.

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The idea isn’t completely new, American movies are closely monitored to make sure that child pornography isn’t simulated by utilizing small-breasted and immature women. However, the women’s group disagreement with regard to the possible censorship in the South Pacific country also has a definite thought. Associating small-breasted women with such a questionable issue as child pornography is a major decision, particularly as this censorship should focus on banning internet casinos. The internet casino gambling industry is the platform topic for the Australian censorship committee, which makes it quite amazing that the issue of a-cup women has become so dominate.

Blocking internet casinos

The Australian online censorship plan already provokes the boundaries of international acceptance. Surely everyone agrees on exorcising child pornography, but blocking internet casinos is up for debate considering the violation of personal freedom. The small-breasted women block basically humiliates and is a sign that Australian censors are already skating on thin ice. The censorship plan will rigorously restrict the personal online freedom of Australian citizens.
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