Arduous enforcement anti-gambling legislation Russia

The Russian police is struggling with the enforcement of the extremely stringent anti-gambling legislation. These new laws were introduced by president Vladimir Putin mid 2009. Temporary casinos and poker rooms run by foreigners from luxurious apartments are causing a lot of troubles for the Russian police.

Casinos Russia

A Britton ran a casino from an apartment in Moscow with a monthly rent of €44.222. This casino posted millions of Rubles before it was shut down. The Brit vanished into space, according to a Moscow Times report. Russian police officers seized €368.514 in different currencies. Authorities also impounded financial documents and gambling chips.

Anti-gambling legislation

The anti-gambling laws have so far been ineffective, according to widespread police reports. Illegal poker and casino activities are created to profit from the strong demand by Russian gamblers. Russian citizens are not willing to visit the four far away regions where gambling is officially allowed.

Online gambling website

The Russian police is also cracking down online casinos. A lot of online gambling websites aim on the Russian gambling market.
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