Apes also calculate their odds

Apes gamblingApes appear to be smarter than we assumed as they also tend to calculate odds before taking risks. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics offered a number of apes two options. They could choose between a safe choice and a more riskier option.

Risk appetite among apes

The safe option featured a small piece of fruit in a cup. They could also opt for a larger piece of fruit that was concealed in one of the upside down cups. The researchers mixed the upside down cups to make sure that they continuously switched spots. More than 50% of the time, the apes opted for the riskier option. However, risk aversion among the apes grew after the researchers added more cups.

Much smarter

Daniel Haun, who led the study, stated that the results prove that apes calculate their odds. He added that the clever apes were willing to maximize their risks when the pieces of fruits differed the most. "The results of the experiments prove that apes are much smarter than we tend to believe," Haun said.
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