€169.204 lottery winner almost discarded its winning ticket

A Maryland man won €169.204 in the Mega Millions lottery, but was very fortunate when he almost trashed the winning ticket. The 49-year-old winner purchased his lottery tickets, and after the March 9 draw, he checked the lottery numbers and by mistake he assumed that he had losing numbers, discarding the tickets.

Maryland Lottery

Nevertheless, the anonymous winner was informed by his brother that the local store where he had bought the tickets had sold the winning Maryland Lottery ticket. This information urged him to start an anxious ninety minute hunt for his tickets. After checking them at the store, he found out that he had won €169.204.

Mega Millions lottery prize

The lucky winner commented: “I phoned my wife to inform her about the €169.204 Mega Millions prize, while I was searching for the ticket.” The couple plans to visit Europe and to reduce debts with their stroke of unexpected luck.
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