Tanzanian casino crook condemned

An African man committed a €98.284 fraud in the Marina Bay Sands casino, which is the biggest fraud to date. He was condemned to two years in prison after he past-posted in the Singapore-based casino. The integrated resort opened its doors on 23 June 2010. It is the longest prison sentence for casino swindle.

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Kipuyo Lemburis Israel (35) was found guilty of casino fraud and attempts of fraud at the roulette tables of the Marina Bay Sands casino. Kipuyo had made bets after the time when no more bets are to be taken. His cheating ended when the casino staff took him in the act. He could have been condemned to a prison sentence up to ten years and a fine for every charge of fraud. For attempt to cheat, the sentence is 5 years in prison and a monetary penalty.

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The Tanzanian man faced multiple charges, including two charges of swindle. Kipuyo arrived in Singapore on May 16 and then visited the Titiwangsa Mountains in Malaysia. On May 18 he returned to Singapore and visited the Marina Bay Sands casino. Kipuyo experienced some serious gambling problems in Tanzania, which forced him to sell his electronic company. He decided to spend his time gambling in the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore.
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