Taiwanese superstar lost more than €1 million at casino

Taiwanese multi-talent Jay Chou managed to lose more than €1 million within two days in a Singapore-based casino. Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau reports that the musician, actor, music and film producer and singer lost the money at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Chou decided to visited the casino during his concert tour in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

He wagered around €58.000 - €115.000 per bet. In only two days Chou lost approximately €1 million on the baccarat tables. Another casino player declared that Chou gambled at the casino together with his manager and some friends. The Taiwanese superstar had good manners while playing baccarat and he only wanted to be served by female waiters.

Taiwanese superstar

Yang Jun Rong, Jay Chou’s manger, refused to confirm the news. Rong commented that the Taiwanese pop star only lost €581 at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. “I heard about another gambler who lost more than €1 million dollar at the casino.”
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