Smoke-free casinos in Spain

The Spanish government has enacted a severe smoking ban. The strict smoking legislation forbids smoking in all public places. It even sees a ban on smoking outside schools and hospitals. The government rejected an amendment to establish smoking areas in casinos. This caused disappointment among casino operators and gamblers.


Hotels are one of the exceptions that avoid the severe law. The new smoking ban allows smoking in private rooms. However, it demands that 70% of hotel rooms must be smoking free.

Secondhand smokesmoking ban casino

The new smoking ban follows a study executed by Spain’s ministry of health. Findings show that 30% of the inhabitants of Spain smoke. This means that 60% - 70% of the Spanish population suffers from secondhand smoke. Spain records 55.000 smoking-related diseases every year. In addition, the number of people suffering from cancer, heart disease, asthma and emphysema rises every year.


With the new smoking ban the Spanish government follows the example of other EU countries to reduce the effects of smoking. The UK, Ireland and Cyprus are only three European nations that have prohibited smoking in public areas.

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The new bill has led to concerns among casino operators. They fear that the smoking ban will have a massive impact on the industry. Online casinos may benefit from the smoking restrictions as smoking gamblers might prefer online casinos instead of land-based casinos.
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