Rapid City casinos popular among criminals

Four casinos in Rapid City have been robbed in just one week. A man entered Happy Jack’s Casino at approximately 20:00 PM. He threatened one of the casino employees and demanded money. The criminal fled without taking any cash, according to the police. The robber was disguised and the clerk saw that he had a gun.

Casino robber

The police described the thief as a white man, average in height and weight. The brown eyed man is between 5'6" and 5'7". He was wearing an obscure pullover and black jeans. The police has rewarded $10,000 for details that lead to the robber. Information should also lead to conviction of the persons engaged in the series of robberies.

Casino robberies

The string of robberies kicked off at Jokers Casino on November 13. Two additional crimes took place a few days later. On Wednesday, Happy Jack’s Casino was the next target of the criminals. Another Happy Jack’s establishment was raided on Thursday.
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