Prison sentence for casino fraudster

The fraudster possessed several fake identities, membership cards and driving licenses, which enabled him to access casinos. Sahami past posted (placing chips onto the roulette table after the ball has landed in a pocket) and stole chips from other player. Sahami managed to make approximately £25 - £130 per fraud

Gambling Act 2005

Sahami was detained after surveillance cameras recorded his cheats and thefts. He was found guilty of a number of swindle offences. It has been the third conviction since the Gambling Act 2005 was enacted three years ago.

Casino fraudster

“Sahami was a bold and resolute swindler who defrauded casinos. He also deceived other players. He was found guilty of stealing and swindling while playing roulette. This is rather remarkable as it’s hard to prove to the principles obligatory for criminal court,” according to Ann-Marie Waller from the Metropolitan Police.
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