Police detains men suspected of casino robbery and carjacking

The Las Vegas police has arrested a 29-year old man who is suspected of robbing a casino and carjacking. The suspect was arrested at a trailer park in the neighborhood of Decatur Boulevard and Twain Avenue. The 29-year old man, Michael Patrick Dorotiak, threatened a casino cashier with a gun at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas police

Dorotiak faces three charges of hostage-taking, three charges of burglary and two car stealing charges. The police arrested the man after fencing off the area where the suspect hided from the police. Spectators saw Dorotiak fleeing to the trailer park.

Casino robbery

It all started when Dorotiak stole a white Ford Expedition at a petrol pump in the neighborhood of Flamingo and Lindell roads. The suspect then decided to visit the hotel & casino in Las Vegas. At the casino he threatened a casino cashier with a gun and stole an unrevealed amount of money.


The 29-year old man used the car park as a hiding place, where he couldn’t find his car. Dorotiak is not the cleverest criminal in the world, the police stated. He fled to a car park but didn’t find his car. The man stole a red pickup but collided in the car park. Dorotiak continued his escape on foot, fleeing to the trailer park. Nobody was injured. The police found the gun in the pickup.
orleans hotel and casino
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