Police arrests female casino raider

A woman from Sioux Falls has been arrested on theft charges. Nicole Marie Thode (36) is accused of involvement in three casino robberies. The robberies took place in Blinky’s Casino in Brandon and in the Easy Dough Casino in Sioux Falls.blinkys casino

Blinky’s Casino

The clerks released comparable physical descriptions of the casino robber. However, CCTV tapes of the Easy Dough Casino show Thode’s car in the parking lot. Police officers found a fake gun at Blinky’s Casino, where nobody observed her Ford Taurus.

Criminal record

A couple of days after the Easy Dough Casino raid, a police detective saw the car in Brandon. The police found sufficient evidence in Thode’s house to file robbery charges. The suspect could face a maximum prison sentence of 25 years. Thode’s criminal record contains various felony arrests for fraud.
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