Playboy boss set to open casinos in England and China

Market watchers report that Hugh Hefner plans to open new casinos in England and China. The Playboy boss himself continues to surprise the world with his famous brand. The world’s most prominent playboy is still seeking options to expand his current and extremely profitable empire. Hefner (84) noted to be excited to open both casinos.

Hugh Hefner

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner commented his forthcoming projects: “We will open casinos in London and Macau. With relation to media, I believe we will focus on more conventional businesses. That’s our new strategy; we are leaving the adult programming as it doesn’t have sufficient potential. I believe it complicates our mission and targets. During the initial years, the Playboy clubs were so extremely successful that the firm’s capability as a ‘branding’ machine became manifest.”

Playboy Online Casino

Regardless of Hefner’s remarks on the new casinos, it remains tempting to ask: Will the casinos feature Playboy items and seducing lovely ladies? Gamblers have to be patient, but in the meantime you can enjoy the Playboy Online Casino.

Online casino

Playboy Online Casino provides deluxe casino entertainment, which comes with gorgeous girls. This online casino also offers extras including Playboy Mansion fiestas. Enjoy the Playboy brand in combination with well-loved casino games. Players can choose from a set of deposit and withdrawal methods. Additionally, punters can profit from a lucrative loyalty program. Playboy Online Casino invites players to collect points to get access to the Playboy Mansion.
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