Mysterious safe found in old casino

Construction workers have found a mysterious safe behind walls of the old Bill’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. “Frankly, I hope that the safe contains diamonds and gold,” admitted owner and Saferetired lawyer Mike Laub.

Mysterious safe

The news about the safe spread fast. “Everybody asks me about the content of the safe. The fuss about the safe has really surprised me,” Laub commented. He has already been contacted by many locksmiths. Three have inspected the safe, but they weren’t able to unlock it.

Connected to unsolved crime

Laub believes that the safe may be connected to an unsolved crime. Ex-owner Richard Chartrand was killed in a car bombing back in the sixties. Police detectives concluded that Chartrand was murdered by a mafia-type organization from New York. The case may be reopened if the safe unveils new evidence.

Huge amounts of money

Opportunists from around the county have offered huge amounts of money for the safe. However, Laub wants to open the safe himself, under the auspices of investigators. His curiosity is too strong.
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