Miami police seizes unlawful slot machines

Miami police officers have raided local parlors, resulting in 410 illegal gambling machines. Police officials investigated local establishments before the crackdown. The majority of the unlawful slot machines were confiscated in Little Havana and police

Slot machines

The unlawful and non-regulated devices are so-called ‘games of chance’. Several gambling machines rewarded free games or credits that could be cashed in at the gambling parlor. At the end of 2009, Miguel Exposito was named Chief of Police. He commented: “We consider the operation as extremely important for the Miami community. Especially vulnerable groups become addicted to those gambling machines.”

Gambling machines

Approximately 25 traders or managers have been charged. Several slot machines had license stickers that seemed legitimate, misleading various traders, the police stated. Some suspects in a depot were detained and charged for installing the illegal devices. “More and more seized gambling machines made their comeback in local establishments. We needed to stop this development in order to demonstrate that we would not accept this,” Exposito stated. The police will destruct the machines.
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