Kansas City resident found not guilty on fraud counts

A Kansas City resident with Chinese roots has been found innocent of defrauding a casino. The man, Zhe Li (38), was accused of using counterfeit casino tokens. Nevertheless, a federal jury condemned the man for infringing a federal currency reporting law and abusing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Casino tokens

“We are grateful that the jurors considered all aspects of the offense and recognized our rational counter-arguments,” according to Li’s lawyer George J. Thomas III. The judge confirmed that the accused man was carrying fake €75 casino tokens when he was detained. However, he declared that he had found the gambling chips in a plastic bag on the street. Accusers had disputed that the naturalized US citizen had exchanged, or tried to exchange, over 1,000 fake tokens at a Riverside casino.


Hummer Li transferred over €10.936 from his bank in Kansas City to a bank in Florida in order to finance his SUV. He bought the Hummer H3 in May 2008. Therefore, accusers condemned Li for interstate transfer of swindle assets. The jury found him not guilty on that count.

Fraud counts

Thomas stated that the funds to finance the SUV didn’t came from a gambling token scam scheme. He paid off the Hummer with money from his spouse. The jury found Li guilty of infringing a technical banking law by making 4 deposits of around €7.290. Banks are obliged to report all deposits or withdrawals of €7.300 and more. The judge found that Li deliberately had evaded that requirement by transferring 4 amounts of less than €7.300.
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