Forgiveness rewards €12 million

A retired farmer stopped at a convenience store to purchase his Lotto Max lottery ticket. The Canadian ex-farmer was just about to experience a very fortunate mistake. The shop employee by mistake printed out a 6/49 ticket. Knapp accepted the wrongly printed ticket and bought another ticket. His forgiveness turned out very lucrative as the wrongly printed ticket rewarded him €12 million.

Lotto Max lottery ticket

On July 3 he visited the drugstore again to verify the ticket. That day the lottery computer didn’t function well and crashed. The drugstore manager started the computer again and the display showed that the retired farmer had won €1,2 million. Knapp folded his arms and reacted calmly. He remained surprisingly calm when his winning turned out 10 times higher: €12 million. The store employees were excited, while the retired farmer didn’t show any emotion.

Lucrative error

Knapp’s forgiveness rewarded him a massive winning. A resident of the Newfoundland and Labrador community wasn’t that understanding in a similar situation. The clerk printed out the wrong ticket that the local resident didn’t accept. If he had accepted the ticket he would have won €20 million!
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