Casino winner killed on his way home

A 55-year-old man won a large sum of money at the Hawaiian Gardens Casino in the State of California. It seems that he had been followed when he left the casino, according to Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana police department. Bertagna stated that the man was on his way home when two suspects in another car forced him to pull over in Santa Ana.

Casino player

The victim tried to escape but was chased down by one of the suspects. After catching the casino player, they got into a fight for this winnings. The assailant knocked down the victim, took some of the cash and returned to the vehicle. The victim was then run down by the fleeing car. The woman who escorted the man was not hurt in the confrontation.

Robbed and killed

Police officials first assumed that the assailants had killed the man with a knife. The victim was found dead on the highway with numerous 20 Dollar bills around his body. It remains unclear how much money the assailants made off. An autopsy showed that the victim was not killed by knife stabs. The assailants fled in a small gray vehicle with tinted windows.
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