Casino robbery suspect arrested in Missoula

The police has arrested a man who allegedly robbed the Lucky Diamond casino in Missoula. They were informed about a man who fitted the description of the suspect. Missoula police sergeant Travis Welsh stated that they detained the man outside the Lucky Diamond robbery


The suspect tried to escape when the police approached him. Eventually, the police arrested the man in the former Burger King car park. At first, the Missoula resident was detained for hindering the police, which is a criminal offence. He is now connected to the Lucky Diamond casino robbery, according to Welsh. “Evidence show that the man may be involved in the casino robbery.”

Lucky Diamond casino

CCTV cameras captured the robber and clearly showed the face of the man. Nobody was injured during the casino burglary. The robber used a folding knife to threaten the casino employee. The police sergeant praised the informant. “We were able to arrest the man thanks to the help of a citizen,” Welsh added.
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