Casino robber arrested in Lima

A Peruvian gang has recently robbed several casinos in Lima. The police has arrested one of the suspects. Their ultimate robbery took place in a casino based in the district of Comas, sawing panic among visitors and casino staff. The three robbers stole money from the cash desk of the casino.

Casino robbery

América Noticias reports that the raid took place at around 1:39 AM. The gangsters only needed less than five minutes to raid the casino. CCTV footage perudemonstrates one of the robbers threatening visitors and employees. One of the robbers forced an employee to show him the cash desk. He took money from the cash register, after which they immediately left the casino.


Police officers managed to arrest one of the robbers, Antony Alcántara Cáceres (20). The arrested man forms part of a gang called ‘Los Pistoleros de Boca Negra’. This gang has raided several casinos in Lima, including the ‘Granda Slot’ casino. Police investigators noted that they had indentified the other robbers. It should be a matter of time before they arrest the other suspects.
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