Casino raid ends with shooting

The South African Sibaya Casino has been robbed. The raid ended with a shooting, wounding a security guard. Police spokesperson colonel Jay Naicker noted that six men carrying weapons used the entrance hall to enter the Durban-based casino. “It remains unclear how the armed men managed to enter the casino without nobody noticing the guns.”sibaya casino

Sibaya Casino robbery

The robbers threatened casino employees in the count room of the establishment. They left the casino through the entrance hall with an unknown sum of money. Naicker commented: “They had three getaway vehicles ready in the car park. While escaping they shot a security guard who was in his car.”

Police investigation

The security guard was hit in his face and stomach. The thieves then fled by car. Naicker declared that the police arrived soon after the robbers had left the premises. Police officers investigated the closed-circuit television tape  to determine how the robbers planned the raid. “Little by little we are solving the puzzle,” Naicker added.
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