Brutal robbery at Luxxor Casino

A casino employee in Florida has been beaten up by two robbers. The two men robbed the Luxxor Casino in Lehigh Acres. She was leaving the casino when two men assaulted her. One of them stole an unrevealed amount of money. The other robber punched the casino employee in the face and head, but she remained conscious, according to a police robbery

Casino employee

The victim was taken to a hospital after suffering serious head wounds. After a couple of hours she was dismissed from the hospital. Carrye Decker, speaking on behalf of the casino, commented: “Her physical condition isn’t worrying but her mental condition is precarious. She was severely beaten by the robber.”


Decker is convinced that the robbers had inside information of the casino as they headed straight to the safes. “We recently installed a state of the art CCTV system. All our employees are in shock due to the incident.”
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