Brown scrapped Blair’s plan for a super casino

Tony Blair has criticized Gordon Brown for canceling the plan for a super casino. The former prime minister recently published his autobiography in which he described the decision as ‘useless’. Brown was pressured by the church and right-wing media, according to the former British Labour Party politician.

Blackpool Gazette lobby

An independent commission recommended Manchester as the location for the planned super casino. The House of Lords declined the proposal after a campaign by the Blackpool Gazette. The Blackpool-based evening newspaper lobbied for a super casino in Blackpool.

Super casino

During the next weeks, Blackpool members of parliament Gordon Marsden and Joan Humble discussed the matter with Blair. Those talks could have resulted in super casino licenses for both cities. Everything changed when Blair resigned and Brown cancelled the plan.

Tony Blair – Gordon Brown

With relation to Brown’s decision, the former prime minister stated: “His decision was not only biased and useless but also clearly the result of Puritanism. People are able to gamble as much as they want. It is contradictory that they can’t do this in a new city complex that features a casino, shopping mall, sports center and entertainment facilities.”
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