Bouncers seriously injure casino visitor

An assaulted visitor of a Melbourne-based casino claims that two security guards face severe charges and will appear in court. Toby Lee was assaulted by two Crown Casinodoormen at the Crown Casino. Investigators were shocked after examining CCTV footage of the assault. Police officers stated that the two bouncers would be accused of unlawful physical violence.

Physical violence at Crown Casino

A few months ago, Anthony Dunning past away after physical violence by security guards at Crown Casino. Authorities stated that the suspects in the recent incident were also casino doormen. Michel Margalit, Lee’s attorney, was pleased with the charges. “This is definitely a positive sign. Crown Casino should take responsibility for its staff,” Margalit declared.

Charged bouncers

A police spokesperson revealed that one of the suspects is a 23 year-old man from Westmeadows, while the other one is a 26-year old Reservoir resident. The spokesman stated that both suspects are accused of physical violence at the gambling parlor on October 3, 2010. He added that the two men would appear in court later this month.
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