Bomb explosion at Pakistani gambling club

Pakistani police officials have reported a bomb explosion at a gambling club in the city of Karachi. The explosion at the Rummy Club took 16 lives and resulted in 30 wounded explosion

Bomb explosion

A self-made bomb was hidden in the gambling club, according to the police. Investigators are trying to determine who is behind the explosion in Karachi. “Terrorists or rivaling gangs could be behind the bomb explosion,” a police official stated.


Karachi is the economic centre of Pakistan. The gloomy economy is plagued by inflation and declining foreign investments. The harbor of Karachi struggles with an increasing crime rate.
In addition, political tensions are rising in the southern city and have resulted in the death of more than 150 citizens in 2010. Terrorists attacked religious areas in the city. Extremists usually not target government security forces in the city.
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