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$10.7 million in cash after $3 bet on penny slot

What’s better than living in Hawaii without worrying about money? A gambler from the Hawaiian island of Oahu can bear witness to that fact after landing a $10.7 million windfall whilst playing a slot machine. The dazzling jackpot allows her to

Live Roulette player scoops £69k bonanza at Royal Panda

Royal Panda Live Roulette popularity continues to grow and players are reaping the benefits. Blazej proved that notion this week after collecting a whopping £69,003 in winnings. The gambling enthusiast cashed in as the roulette wheel hit his

Canadian buddies one number short of winning $34 million jackpot

Meet Aaron Bennett and Billy Earle, two ordinary guys who like to buy lotto tickets. The two friends nearly became financially independent, but Lady Luck wasn’t on their side. Rather than collecting a stunning $34 million windfall, Bennett and

Gambling tattoos: Italian-themed roulette and craps

This week’s gambling tattoo dates back to 2013 when Melissa enjoyed a bike trip in Europe. The Canadian woman visited a friend’s winery in Faedis (Udine), and seized the opportunity to apply several permanent decorative tattoos. And of course,

Winning online gambler on his way to Bora Bora

Some gamblers have no immediate plans for their winnings, but that’s certainly not the case with Bill Laharty. The 52-year-old has bagged a stunning $21 million in cash courtesy of a Lotto 6/49 ticket. A spokesperson for Lottery Canada revealed

Malaysian port town hot spot for black-market gambling

Illegal gambling used to be quite popular in Port Klang, but authorities flushed out all underground operators. However, the black-market activities are back, according to local media. Most players are people from outside Malaysia and youngsters.

Jamaican goes incognito to claim $1.99 million lotto jackpot

Some jackpot winners wish to remain anonymous in order to avoid publicity, which is also the case with a man from Jamaica. The fortunate gambler in question, who goes under the pseudonym ‘A Murray’, landed a $1.99 million lotto windfall. Murray

Armed duo robs Hooters Casino Hotel

An armed duo has robbed the Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. The two hooded suspects used a firearm to threaten casino staff, after which they left the gambling venue with an undetermined amount of cash in their pockets, according to local

Gambler faces prison after $7.5 million embezzlement

A former treasurer at a Swiss watchmaker is facing 15 years in jail after pleading guilty to theft charges. Chew Siew Lang oversaw the overall financial activity of Chopard, but she misused her position to embezzle large sums of money to support a

Gambling tattoos: Fully automatic monster slot

Some people say slot machines are nothing but evil as they gulp down all your money. This week’s gambling tattoo perfectly represents that concept, but at the same time it shows that slots can be quite rewarding. This monstrous one-armed bandit is

No punishment for stealing sports bettor from Gillingham

A betting addict from Gillingham stole approximately £96,000 from the store where he worked to plug massive debts. Martyn Owenson definitely has a weak spot for online soccer betting, a habit that spiraled out of control. However, the 24-year-old
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