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Australian player cashes $118,000 at Royal Panda

An Australian online gambler has enjoyed quite a rewarding session at Royal Panda. Henry signed up with Royal Panda only one day ago, and has already won a staggering $118,000 in cash. That’s what we call an ‘extraordinary day at the

Thai police agent caught playing illegal poker game

A Thai policeman was enjoying an illegal game of poker when his colleagues barged into the residence. Phang Nga authorities decided to raid the residence after receiving information about the black-market gambling activities. Police arrested

The ten most popular casino games: Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the most popular games at gambling parlors all over the world. The thrilling game of chance is all about predicting where the little ball will land after an exciting number of spins. Roulette is extremely easy to

New proposal could allow slot machines at Pennsylvania airports

Slot machines could be coming to Pennsylvania airports, which is the result of a legislative proposal by Nick Kotik, D-Allegheny. The republican and chairman of the House Gaming Oversight has introduced a bill that would allow six airports based in

Bryan Micon in the US again for first court hearing

Bryan Micon is to appear in court on June 25, and for that reason he has returned to the US. The poker pro is charged with operating an illegal online poker platform in Nevada. Micon headed with his family to Antigua after police burst into his home

Grimsby resident embezzled £137,000 to finance gambling habit

A gambling addict manager at Premier Seafoods Ltd. is sentenced to two years and four months in jail. James Cartledge embezzled £137,393 from the fish company in Grimsby. The money enabled him to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle packed with traveling and

The ten most popular casino games: Pai gow poker

Pai gow poker is hugely popular among gambling aficionados from all over the world. Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf are the creators of the exciting mix of traditional poker and the Chinese game of pai gow. Double-hand poker is another name for pai

Swedish player hits $31,815 jackpot at Royal Panda

Royal Panda has celebrated yet another big winner. This time a Swedish customer took home a whopping $31,815 in cash courtesy of the Twisted Circus slot. Last week, another fortunate player scooped a $31,815 jackpot whilst spinning the reels of the

Royal Panda player scoops $24,423 slot jackpot

The Mega Joker slot has spilled out another massive jackpot. This time an online gambler from the Netherlands crammed his wallet with a cool $24,423 windfall. The Mega Joker game is one of many classic slots available at Royal Panda. Online

Minnesota resident accidently wins WSOP title

Nobody likes to make mistakes, but sometimes they can result in a pleasant surprise. Meet Christian Pham, a poker pro who thought he had entered a no-limit Texas Hold ‘em poker event. The 40-year-old man had actually signed up for a no-limit

The ten most popular casino games: Keno

Gambling experts believe that keno is one of the oldest gambling games. Just like many other games, keno has Chinese roots. It’s all about cards that feature up to 80 numbers, and players pay for the quantity of selected numbers. Chinese
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