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Sky Bet performing well, but beware a government tax hike

This is certainly something that the British government has leveraged during the last decade, having incrementally increased tax and introduced new levies on operators in a bid to optimise public revenues.With the online gambling sector thriving and

Is the UK set to regulate gambling advertisements?

With the government now considering introducing new measures, we take a closer look at the issue and ask how more stringent regulations will impact on the industry in the UK? What the numbers tell us The report, commissioned by reporters for BBC

The LeoVegas Group Expands its UK Presence

A Look at the LeoVegas Group's Latest AcquisitionWhen presenting its third quarter trading update at the end of September, the group announced that it has entered into a 'definitive agreement' to acquire the Malta-based operator Royal Panda

Shaking up Belgium's Gambling Industry

What Changes will the Belgian Authorities Make? At the heart of this evolution is Belgium's Minister for Justice Koen Geens, who has been tasked by the Council of Ministers with overseeing the regulatory measures used to govern the gambling

A Look at the Online Gambling Revolution in Switzerland

Say Hello to the Revolution: Introducing the Money Gaming Act The new legislation is called the Money Gaming Act, and it will govern both on and offline gambling activity in Switzerland going forward. In simple terms, it has also stripped national

3 Ways to Win More When Gambling Online

1. Make the Most of Bonuses and Free Spins Without doubt, the best way to make the most of your bank roll and win more is to capitalise on the modern trend for lucrative bonus packages. These have emerged as the online market has become

How is the Global Online Gambling Market Shaping Up?

The proposed Growth of the Italian Marketplace In Italy, the big story is focused on the proposed expansion of a market that already has a value in excess of £1 billion (at least according to 2016's figures). Despite this, the nation's online

The 3 Biggest Fallacies of Gambling

1. You can Identify Patterns in Random Number Sequences Perhaps the ultimate gamblers fallacy, this belief has a simple premise that can significantly impede gamblers. According to this fallacy, it is possible to pre-empt patterns among the

The Key Considerations When Placing Your Roulette Bets

1. Cover as Much of the Board as Possible Assuming that you are not a hedonist with a high-rolling nature, the chances are that you will want to enjoy small but frequent wins when you first visit a roulette table. After all, this will deliver

Does the Moral Objection Against Online Gambling have Merit?

The Contradictions in the U.S. Market The U.S. market is of particular interest, primarily because it is full of contradictions in terms of their treatment of gambling as a whole. While many local and state authorities continue to oppose the

Why Is the UK's Gambling Market Growing So Quickly?

Britain's Regulatory Bodies Have Given the UK a Head-start At the heart of the British industry's success is the proactive outlook of the government and regulatory bodies. This has underpinned a series of progressive laws and regulatory measures
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