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Gambling tattoos: Life-changing jackpot immortalized

Meet Wayne Hughes, a Welshman who landed a £1,117,779 lottery jackpot more than five years ago. He celebrated the massive win with a tattoo themed around the date and lucky numbers on his ticket. The masterpiece is a cool memory of an event that

Gambling addict cop in custody after stealing ID card

Identity theft is not a joke, a notion that was proved by a Shelby County resident. A local police officer stole her ID card as he had become desperate due to his gambling problem. Willie Lee Walton has been arrested and faces several charges,

Dinuba resident cashes $142,608 at Table Mountain Casino

Penny slot machines are hugely popular among gambling enthusiasts. A Dinuba resident has proved why after cashing a whopping $142,608 thanks to a Stacking Mystery Crystal Beauty machine. The winner is a regular player at the Table Mountain Casino,

Gambling tattoos: Fruit machines still live and kicking

Who doesn’t like to spin the reels of an exciting slot machine? Indeed, you can’t go wrong with a slot. Both online gaming sites and land-based casinos are packed with gambling machines, which continue to be a massive hit. This week’s gambling

Ten people arrested in Georgia in connection with illegal gambling

Gaming machines that pay out store credits are legal in the state of Georgia. However, authorities are facing an increase of slot machines that allow players to win cash prizes. Ten suspects have been arrested during several raids across the

Albany resident cashes $1 million thanks to winning scratcher

We all know that lottery tickets can be quite rewarding, but how about scratchers? Ask Earl Davis, who landed a $1 million windfall courtesy of a winning scratch-off ticket. The 71-year-old Albany resident purchased a scratcher called ‘Jingle

Gambling tattoos: Las Vegas sign inspires

You have to visit Las Vegas at least once in your life if you are a true gambling enthusiast. Indeed, Sin City is packed with impressive casinos that provide visitors with an unparalleled gambling environment. For that reason, lots of

Problem gambler: repay £110,000 or extra time behind bars

A gambling addiction can lead to horrible things, including theft. Ask Danny Collinson, who embezzled a whopping £500,000 from a company. The 30-year-old now faces two options: repay £110,000 or another 1.5 year behind bars. Collinson was found

Sports almanac remains in the future for sports betting fans

Back to the Future is definitely one of the eighties’ iconic movies. Marty McFly meets his future children in the second installment of the legendary movie. He seizes the opportunity to buy a Grays Sports Almanac, which would allow him to collect

Gambler banned after attacking security guard

Gambling is an extremely fun pastime, but there are always some who spoil things for others. An incident at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is an example of such wet blanket. For some reason, a gambler decided to punch a security official. The

Gambling tattoos: Lifelike roulette masterpiece

Tattoos have become extremely popular, including gambling-themed masterpieces. Given the fact that roulette is one of the most popular casino games, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are lots of cool roulette tattoos out there. In the
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