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Bar manager stole money from slot machine to gamble

An ex-employee at an Appleton-based Veterans of Foreign Wars location reportedly took money from a gambling machine. Kelly O'Connor was employed as a bar manager and used the stolen money to spin the reels of the slot machine inside the

Weekly ritual results in $10.4 million jackpot

Meet John Pirie, a Canadian truck driver who has become an instant millionaire thanks to a winning lotto ticket. The father of six bagged a $10.4 million jackpot, which is a nice reward for his weekly ritual. On his way to work, Pirie always

Sioux Falls casino robbed at gunpoint

An armed robbery has occurred at Happy Jacks Casino in Sioux Falls. Local police are looking for two men who stole an undisclosed quantity of cash from the till. One of the casino robbers was armed with a firearm, according to a police

Celebrities with a gambling problem: Justin Timberlake

Former boy band star Justin Timberlake is not famous for his gambling eruptions. However, insiders claim he likes to gamble at casinos once in a while. That could explain the fact he played the lead role in the poker-themed movie ‘Runner,

Gambling priest charged with theft

You wouldn’t expect a priest to steal money from his own church to fund his gambling habit. That’s exactly what Willard Jones reportedly did. The Tulsa priest stole about $933,000 from the congregation where he served for two years. Jones

Former taxi driver scoops $11.5 million jackpot

Meet Leroy Beckford, a New York City resident with Jamaican roots who has become an instant millionaire. The 83-year-old retiree took home $11.5 million in cash thanks to a winning lotto ticket. “It’s a great feeling and I’m really excited

Baby-sitter embezzled money to fund casino trips

A woman from Gaithersburg, Maryland worked as a baby-sitter and misused her position to steal money. Kadiatu Sahid Kamara used the money to finance gambling trips, while she also bought a house in Africa. The 50-year-old nanny now faces a jail term

First $1 million gambling machine available in Maryland

Maryland Live has launched the Double Gold slot machine that offers a $1 million jackpot. It is the first gambling machine in the ‘Old Line State’ that offers a cash prize of that magnitude. Casino patrons who wager $500 are eligible to the $1

Celebrities with a gambling problem: James Coppinger

It is rumored that James Coppinger has a betting problem, which was fueled by a race-fixing inquiry. The Doncaster Rovers midfielder claimed he had nothing to do with the betting scandal. However, Coppinger received a 36-month suspension from

Jail term for online bingo addict from Clacton-on-Sea

45-year-old April Piercy is a devoted bingo player who started stealing money from the practice where she used to work. The English surgery manager blew away a whopping £140 a day while playing bingo, both live and online. Piercy is heading to

Fort Myers business raided for illegal gambling

Fort Myers Police have booked two individuals on suspicion of facilitating illegal gambling. The two women were arrested at Bayshore Billiards, where the illicit activities took place. An undercover operation unveiled that the Fort Myers-based
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