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EuroMillions winner assaulted by fitness trainer

Matt Myles pocketed a whopping £1 million in cash courtesy of a winning EuroMillions ticket last year. After that stunning win, his girlfriend assaulted him. Carla Chamberlain has been ordered to pay £650 in damages, plus another £500 in court

Incredible gambling wins: $40 million winning streak in Vegas

Archie Karas is definitely one of the world’s most legendary gamblers. He did what so many gambling enthusiasts dream of: winning big time in Las Vegas! Karas enjoyed a winning streak that netted him a stunning $50 million in cash. Before he

Craps croupiers charged with fraud

Two former craps dealers have been charged with fraud. The embezzlement occurred at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, where James Russell Cooper Jr. and Mark William Branco cooperated with two friends. The two men collected nearly $1 million in craps

Wheel of Fortune slot spills out $1.2 million bonanza

The Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo has celebrated another big winner. This time a customer took home a stunning $1,225,317 in cash courtesy of a $1 Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The fortunate player in question was enjoying the famous game at the

Brazilian recession spurs plans to regulate gambling

Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds, with the same applying for lawmakers who face economic headwind. Brazil’s economy is set to shrink by more than 2.5%, so the government is urgently looking for additional resources. Gambling might be just

Incredible gambling wins: Scammer who won all roulette chips

Ever heard of ‘breaking the bank’? This situation occurs when a player wins more than the house (the bank) has on hand. Charles Deville Wells managed to pull it off at Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino. The self-appointed inventor cashed a whopping

No £1 million jackpot for unlucky EuroMillions player

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a staggering cash prize. A lottery player from Devon will soon experience a similar disappointment after failing to claim a £1 million windfall. The EuroMillions ticket in question expired last

Roulette player takes frustration out on gambling machine

Nobody likes to lose money, but that’s certainly no reason to damage a gambling machine. Meet Stephen Hamilton, a gambling enthusiast who became frustrated when a roulette machine took all his money. He smashed the machine, causing about £850 in

Criminal duo targets Uncle Sam's Casino

Gambling parlors in Rapid City remain popular among criminals as yet another venue has been robbed. One of the robbers carried a firearm when they paid a visit to Uncle Sam's Casino, read a statement from the Rapid City Police. The two men left

Lotto retailer sells second multimillion dollar ticket in 7 months

Lady luck has paid another visit to Greerton Lotto. A few months ago, a local customer bought a lotto ticket that hit a $4.5 million jackpot. The New Zealand retailer has now sold a ticket that has scooped a $5 million windfall. That’s what we

Incredible gambling wins: In every inch a legendary gambler

The nickname ‘Amarillo Slim’ is definitely legendary in the world of gambling. Thomas Austin Preston was not only a talented poker player, the Texas resident was also an extravagant bettor. Amarillo Slim supposedly bet on just about
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