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Wheel of Fortune slot spills out million dollar jackpot

A casino patron from Gary, Texas has become an instant millionaire thanks to a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The fortunate player in question, identified only as Bruce W., scooped a $1,034,027 progressive jackpot at the Eldorado Resort

Puerto Rico immigrant scoops $5.2 million lotto jackpot

The Good Life instant lottery, hosted by the Illinois Lottery, has produced another millionaire. 27-year-old Yajaira Perez scooped a $5.2 million jackpot, according to the Illinois Lottery. The Oak Park woman bought the fortunate lottery ticket at a

Celebrities with a gambling problem: Phil Mickelson

US golf pro Phil Mickelson likes to gamble at casinos in Las Vegas, and some sports journalists like to believe that Mickelson has serious gambling issues. First of all, Mickelson has never tried to hide his gambling habit. Second, all rumors about

East Helena authorities release image of casino robber

Casinos are a popular target among criminals, resulting in robberies on a regular basis. This time a robber decided to pay a visit to Lucky Lil's Casino in East Helena, Montana. Local Police have published an image of the casino robber. The

Winning casino player mugged and shot in Palos Heights

A man from Palos Heights, Illinois arrived at home after enjoying a rewarding gambling night. So far, so good, you may think. However, two men followed the casino player home and robbed him. They first hit him with an unknown object and demanded the

Lottery player throws away $1.25 million ticket

Bryan Adams once sang: “Thought I'd died and gone to heaven.” A York resident must have thought he had died and gone to hell after losing out on $1.25 million. The unlucky man scooped the staggering jackpot, but he was unable to claim the

Irish shopkeeper became addicted to lotto tickets

Meet Shane, an ordinary storekeeper from Waterford, Ireland. Just like many other people he likes to play the lotto. However, things got out of control and he developed a serious gambling problem. “I used to deny my gambling issues, and

Celebrities with a gambling problem: Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, who became famous for his role in the Spider-Man hit movies, faced a lawsuit for his involvement in an illegal gambling ring in 2011. The movie star allegedly was one of multiple Hollywood actors who were involved in unlicensed

Brisbane resident takes home $40 million Powerball jackpot

How about a $40 million lottery windfall as the start of your weekend? A man from Brisbane, Queensland will definitely remember this weekend. The fortunate Australian has won $40 million in cash courtesy of a winning Powerball ticket. That’s what

Borgata introduces new chips after poker fraud

A new set of poker chips is one of the measures introduced by the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa after a fraud incident at a poker event. The advanced tokens feature more colors, in addition to a validation element that only glows under ultraviolet.

Stark County trio operated underground gambling businesses

Three Stark County residents have been accused of operating underground casinos, in addition to money laundering. Authorities plan to seize nearly $1.3 million in cash, plus several luxury cars, including a Jaguar and Porsche Boxster. All suspects
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