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Douglas County resident scoops $1 million slot prize

Bill Paxson was spinning the reels of a Wheel of Fortune slot when he landed a life-changing jackpot. The 69-year-old gambler left the Casino Fandango with a whopping $1,037,644.93 in his pockets. It’s the largest payout in the history of the

Derbyshire residents fantasize about £143 million Euromillions prize

Looking for a life-changing jackpot? In that case a Euromillions ticket is an interesting option as tonight’s jackpot is worth £143 million. Derbyshire residents are already fantasizing about winning the staggering lottery prize. Mark Richard

Indian gamblers assault police officers

There’s nothing more annoying than being interrupted whilst playing your favorite game. Various men were gambling at a construction site in New Delhi when two coppers arrived. Things got out of hand, and two gamblers assaulted the police

Online gambler robbed her own grandparents

Stealing is wrong, but taking money from your own family is highly immoral. Sarah Mallon stole cash from her grandparents, who had raised her as their own child. Mallon used the money to gamble online, enjoy a trip, among things. The theft took

Celebrities with a gambling problem: Alan Harper

The Two and a Half Men episode ‘Working for Caligula’ features both a gambling and betting element. In Las Vegas, Alan loses his head and ties the knot with Kandi. Things get even better as the newlyweds scoop a staggering jackpot while spinning

Poker player hits $1 million bonus at Caesars Atlantic City

Three card poker is a popular game among gamblers, and Anthony Miles is definitely a big fan. The Powhatan resident has turned a $20 bet into a $1 million bonus. A spokesperson for Caesars Atlantic City revealed that a royal flush helped him to win

Bundaberg woman lands $1.16 million keno jackpot

Everybody loves birthday gifts, but nothing beats a $1.16 million present. An Australian punter was celebrating her 42th birthday when she took home the life-changing jackpot. The mother of four bought the winning keno ticket at Brothers Sports

Greek man loses $6 million lottery case against ex-wife

Marriage problems can be tough, and even more when it involves a life-changing windfall. That’s exactly what happened with a Greece couple. Mrs Eufrosin took home $6 million in cash courtesy of a winning lottery ticket, six months after her

Another rewarding betting session for Floyd Mayweather

It’s an open secret that Floyd Mayweather jr. loves to bet on sporting events. Yesterday, the undefeated boxer raked in a whopping $1.4 million. Mayweather has collected an impressive $3,267,637.36 in less than three weeks. The American boxing

Celebrities with a gambling problem: Red Forman

Kurtwood Smith is best known for his role as Red Forman in the popular sitcom ‘That '70s Show’. In the episode ‘Holy Craps!’ he loses his head while playing craps. At the same time, Kelso and Kyde team up in order to win all the prizes

Michigan Lottery awards $6 million check

A gambler from Oakland County, Michigan has picked up her $6 million check. The new multimillionaire in question, who declined to be identified, bagged the staggering jackpot thanks to a winning Lotto 47 ticket. The lotto winner bought the $1
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