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Is the UK Gambling Industry Diverse Enough?

This is part of a wider trend at present, as concerns about sexual equality persist throughout the western world. Formula One is the latest industry to address this problem, having taken the controversial decision to ban grid girls from

Will the FOBT Cap Signal the End of Offline Gambling?

<h2>How Much will the Betting Threshold be Capped by?</h2> When the initial review was announced back in October, the nation's leading bookmakers were already braced for a significant reduction in the maximum stake threshold for

Appraising Mobile Casino Apps vs. Social Games

Let's start with the basics; as mobile casino apps are individually developed pieces of software that must be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Interestingly, apps of this type are now also available through Android and the Google Play

Could 5 UK Casinos Really be at Risk of Closure?

So, what exactly is the issue here, and what are the potential ramifications for the online casino market in the UK? At the end of last year, the UKGC announced its key strategies for the next four years, revealing a clear focus on customer

Is Child Gambling Really a Problem in the UK?

The issue of child gambling was a key part of Labour's recent election manifesto, with deputy leader Tom Watson claiming that developers were using social channels to target children in an unregulated environment. He also highlighted

Gambling and Football – A Conflict of Interests?

This issue has come under the microscope again this week, forcing experts to ask whether football can maintain a long-term relationship with the gambling sector and its key players? The latest controversy involves a host of Premier League teams,

Why are No-deposit Bonuses in Decline?

At the heart of this issue is the Finance Bill of 2017, which was conceived in Parliament and ultimately became effective on August 1st of last year. Its underlying aim was to effectively cap the proliferation of excessive bonus offers and

How Bitcoin is Revolutionising Online Gambling

We'll look at this in further detail in this article, and look ahead to a new model for virtual casinos in the future. Ethereum is the latest blockchain-powered technology to hit the marketplace, and one that has benefited from the trials and

Will the UK be Left Behind by Liquidity Sharing Pacts?

In this post, we’ll assess this in closer detail, and ask whether the UK’s gambling market faces an uphill battle to maintain growth in the wake of Brexit? How will European Liquidity Agreements work, and should the UK Care? In general terms,

Is Online Poker Really in a State of Decline?


Why Casinos should be careful when creating promotional offers

So what is the objective of this review, and what will it ultimately mean for operators in the UK? Let's take a look: What have the UKGC said?This pledge emerged on the back of a brand new report commissioned by The Competition and Market Authority
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