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The world’s most famous casinos: Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is not only one of Lisbon’s leading hot spots, it’s also the largest casino in Europe. This impressive gambling venue offers visitors lots to choose from. There are about 1,000 slot machines, and more than 25 gambling tables. The

Coppers accused of stealing gambling money

Police officers come across huge amounts of cash when raiding illegal gambling dens, which can be tempting. Micah Jessop and Brittan Ashjian allege that ten Fresno police officers couldn’t resist the temptation, and that they stole $100,000 in

The Walking Dead slot spills out $1 million jackpot

The Walking Dead slot machine has spilled out a $1,053,775.64 jackpot at a Temecula-based gambling parlor. A woman from Chino Hills (California) was playing the Walking Dead slot machine when she landed the staggering windfall. “I was

Ex-con claims $265 million lottery jackpot

Every cloud has a silver lining, which definitely applies to Jesus Davila Jr. The 70-year-old Naperville resident spent eleven years behind bars, but has now become a multimillionaire. Davila bagged a $265 million cash prize thanks to a winning

Kicked out of casino after $10,500 blackjack win

Things got out of hand at a casino in Chandler (Arizona) after a blackjack player tried to claim his winnings. The fortunate casino patron in question, who did not wish to be named, had won $10,500 at one of the blackjack tables inside Wild Horse

Fresno police discover gambling machines in concealed cave

People seem to do everything to hide their illegal gambling machines. Fresno Police visited a home on Turner Avenue after receiving information about domestic violence. Officers discovered several black-market gambling machines at the

The world’s most famous casinos: Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Atlantic City boasts a whole host of impressive casinos, including the Borgata. This colossal gambling establishment features a hotel, a wellness, a shopping center, meeting facilities, restaurants, plus bars & clubs. The elegant casino is

Finn charged for failing to return €15,000 jackpot

Nothing beats the sensation of winning a cash prize, which makes it hard to say goodbye to your new fortune. A man from the Finish town of Lieksa can bear witness to that fact after failing to return a €15,000 lottery jackpot. He now faces charges

Bettor cashes £170,000 thanks to goal in 101st minute

For some players scoring the winning goal in stoppage time is like an orgasm. An online sports betting enthusiast has experienced the same sensation. His orgasm however is a £170,000 payout thanks to a goal in the 101st minute, scored by Leyton

Punters ordered to pay back $1.5 million in baccarat winnings

A group of gamblers have experienced a huge hangover due to a New Jersey state superior court ruling. Judge Donna Taylor has ordered fourteen casino players to return their winnings worth $1.5 million, which they collected while playing

The world’s most famous casinos: Bellagio

The Bellagio opened its doors in 1995, and has become one of Las Vegas’ landmarks, partly the result of the spectacular fountains. MGM Resorts International is the company behind the Bellagio, and features a theme centered on the municipality in
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