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Online casino player cashes €51k in 48 hours

Nothing beats the sensation of a winning streak. An online casino player has proved that notion after earning more than €51,000 in payouts in less than 48 hours. A spokesperson for the online casino noted that a large chunk of her winnings came

Slot player pockets $1.9 million jackpot

Another gambling enthusiast has landed a life-changing jackpot. Meet Nicole Lesley, who was spinning the reels of a Zoltan’s Fortune machine when she struck oil. The Las Vegas Valley resident left the Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino with a

$1 million lottery jackpot thanks to found $20 bill

Nothing beats the sensation of winning a life-changing cash prize, with the same applying for finding money. Ask Hubert Tang, who found a $20 bill, which he used to purchase two scratchers. One of them hit the $1 million jackpot. Tang noted he

Cannabis cultivation to finance gambling debts

Gambling is a fun pastime, but just like with so many things in life, moderation is the key word. Christopher Parsons is a gambling enthusiast to his bone marrow, but he wasn’t able to moderate his habit. Massive debts were the result, and he

Recycling lottery ticket results in $3.25 million prize

Players can miss out on quite some cash if they throw away their California Lottery tickets. Carol Craver is certainly not one of them as she scooped a staggering cash prize thanks to the lottery’s second chance game. The Inglewood resident

EuroMillions millionaire accused of assaulting his partner

Meet Ryan Magee, an IT professional who became an instant millionaire seven years ago. The 34-year-old took home a staggering £6.4 million in cash courtesy of a lucky EuroMillions ticket. He now faces four charges of assaulting his girlfriend. He

Incredible gambling wins: Successful blackjack negotiator

Negotiating before playing blackjack can be quite rewarding. Ask Don Johnson, who took home more than $15 million in cash courtesy of a mathematical edge. That advantage was the result of negotiations with the casinos in question. It’s an open

Another Rapid City gambling parlor robbed

Gambling venues based in Rapid City appear to be popular targets among criminals. Four casinos in South Dakota’s second largest city have been robbed within a 11-day period. The latest robbery happened at the Rushmore Casino, according to the

Australian smuggled drugs to support gambling problem

A 46-year-old man from Australia was caught trafficking drugs, which has proved him costly. Huat Phay must spend 14 months in prison after being convicted of smuggling heroin. The Canberra resident used the proceeds to finance his gambling

Kent County seniors operated underground betting ring

The Kent County Sheriff's Office has charged two elderly men with running an underground gambling ring. The duo includes Mark Irwin Stouten (73), and Barry Bartlett (66), who conducted their business at West Side Putt-Putt's Bar in Grand Rapids

£1m lottery jackpot thanks to stolen ticket

The Singapore Sweep lottery paid out a £1 million prize, but Philippine Police smelled a rat. The Filipino woman who came forward reportedly stole the winning lottery ticket. Investigators have already interrogated the 44-year-old suspect several
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