New Jersey passes online gambling law

As expected, New Jersey has become the latest  American state to regulate online gambling, following the passing of a new bill.

The bill was passed by both chambers and duly signed off on by New Jersey governor Chris Christie (Republican) yesterday. Republican Christie had conditionally vetoed a similar bill a few weeks earlier due to some unsatisfactory clauses, which were duly addressed in the new bill.

Land-based and online alliances

New Jersey online gambling regulationUnder the new law, Atlantic City’s casinos will soon be able to apply for licenses to offer online gambling products, alongside their existing land-based casino games. This includes online casino games.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t preclude the world’s leading online gambling operators from entering the newly regulated New Jersey market. The new laws don’t prevent Atlantic City’s casinos from seeking partnerships with such companies once the necessary legal framework has been set up. As a result, offshore and foreign operators will still have a way into the market if they so desire.

Some work still needs to be done to set up a proper licensing and regulatory infrastructure, which is expected to be built up over the coming months.

Interstate online gambling a step closer to reality

With the legislation having passed, it seems likely that New Jersey will now seek agreements with other states to allow licensed operators to offer gambling in each other’s states, such as Delaware and Nevada. Delaware already allows its citizens to gamble online; while a recently passed bill regulated online gambling in Nevada.

Although New Jersey had been expected to regulated online gambling, the news is a positive development for online gambling regulation in the USA. New Jersey is the country’s 11th most populous state.
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