Blackjack rules explained

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular online casino games. It’s one of those casino games everybody will have heard of, and is also known as 21. Before you start playing blackjack online, we recommend you take your time to learn the rules of blackjack. All the rules of blackjack are explained on this page.

Of all online casino games, blackjack is the game that offers you the best chances of leaving the table as a winner. So learn the rules, and start winning!

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About blackjack

Blackjack is always played against the dealer. There can be multiple players sat around the blackjack table, but everyone is playing against the dealer. Besides the regular blackjack game, there are various other blackjack variants available. Crazy blackjack, ‘5-hand’ blackjack and blackjack switch are just a few examples of the other versions available. Each blackjack variant has its own rules. The differences in rules are very limited, though.

Pick a blackjack table and place your bets

The first thing to do is to pick an appropriate table. Each blackjack table has its own limits, but the game rules are the same. Pick the blackjack table that fits your needs best. If you’re a high roller, for instance, you can pick a $25-500 table. This means that the minimum bet is $25 and the maximum is $500. If your budget is smaller, you can pick a $1-$40 table. Some online casinos will offer you multiplayer tables. Take your time to find the right table. After entering a blackjack room, place a bet by putting the desired amount of chips on the table.

Let's get started

After all bets have been placed, it’s time to deal. The dealer will deal two cards. The dealer hands out cards to each player, including himself. You will only play against the dealer, so you won't play against the other players. The dealer will start with the player to his left. This place is called first base. You can beat the dealer by holding the hand closest to 21 without going bust. Going bust is one of the most basic blackjack rules, meaning the player has more than 21 points.

After receiving the first two cards, the following options are available to you:

  • Stand: You are satisfied with the two cards you have, and require no further cards.
  • Hit: Ask for another card
  • Split: if you receive two cards of equal value, you are allowed to split the pair and play each as an individual hand. This is an option, but isn’t always the best thing to do!
  • Double: Double your bet and receive just one more card.
  • Blackjack: You win! You have one ten card, and an ace. The payout is 3:2.
  • Insurance: Insurance protects the player against a blackjack from the dealer. If the dealer turns an ace, you can choose 'insurance' This is a bet as high as half your original bet. If you'll take insurance the dealer will check the other card. If it’s a card valued at ten points, you’ll win back your insurance bet.

Five simple Blackjack rules

  1. Once the dealer has blackjack, the player loses.
  2. Once the player has blackjack, the player wins and the dealer loses.
  3. When the dealer and the player have an equal number of points, it is called a push
  4. When nobody has blackjack, every player plays his hand in turn.
  5. If you go bust, the dealer won't play his hand.

The rules concerning the card values in blackjack

Two to ten
These cards are taken at their face value.

Face Cards (kings, queens and jacks)
These three cards all have a value of ten.

11 or one. When an ace is valued at 11, it is a 'soft' 11. This is because its value can be changed from 11 to one. Its value will change to one if you've gone bust with an additional card. This means that you can continue playing because in effect, you haven't gone bust -  the 'soft' 11 is turned into one, meaning ten points are deducted from your points total, bringing you below 21 again.

Card suits 
When playing blackjack, the suits of the cards can be ignored. So regardless of whether you have a Queen of Spades or a Queen of Hearts, both cards have the same value.

According to blackjack rules, a Blackjack is valued higher than a hand valued at 21. Blackjack is the best-ranked hand. 21 the second best hand.

Five hot blackjack tips

  1. Always stand at 17.
  2. If you’ve been dealt two ten-valued card, split them up! The same applies for eights and Aces.
  3. Don’t use pointless betting systems – they never work.
  4. Received two cards with a total value of 11? Double!
  5. Whenever possible, take insurance.

Now the blackjack rules have been explained, a recommendation

Every online casino of note offers blackjack. Most casinos offer multiple blackjack tables, with different table limits and different game rules (wild blackjack, crazy blackjack, etc). There is one online casino which specializes in the wonderful game of blackjack. Wild Jack Casino is all about blackjack, and offers many blackjack varieties. So having read our blackjack rules guide, if you are interested in playing blackjack online, visit Wild Jack Casino the online blackjack specialist!

We hope that our explanation of the blackjack rules will help you on your path to success when playing blackjack in online casinos! Be sure to understand all the blackjack rules before you start playing blackjack online! Visit our game rules section for more game rule guides!

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Playing blackjack, what's the house edge when the Player Doubles Down on a 10 or 11 and the the dealer draws to soft 17.
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