Gambling tattoos: Poker player goes all the way

Saying that poker is a widely prevalent pastime would go down as the understatement of the day. Indeed, the card game remains a popular choice among gamblers from all over the world, both online and offline. This week’s gambling fan demonstrates his poker passion as his tattoo tells it all.

Poker fan with risk appetite

All-in poker tattooThe black-white creation features several gambling-related items, including:
  • Two playing cards
  • A couple of chips
  • Two craps dices
The term ‘all in’ makes this tattoo even more interesting as it reveals the gambler’s preferred strategy. He likes to stake all his chips, which means he doesn’t lack any risk appetite.

Preferred poker games

Have you ever wondered what the most commonly played poker variations are? These are without a doubt the most popular games:
Poker is also a big hit at online gaming sites, and most virtual casinos offer live casino gambling. Needless to say that many gamblers have a weak spot for live online poker. Royal Panda’s live casino for example, offers live three card poker, and live casino hold’em.
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