Enjoy European roulette with 2 balls at Royal Panda

It’s an open secret that roulette is one of the world’s most popular games of chance, but how about double as much fun? That’s exactly what lies in store when playing Royal Panda’s Double Ball Roulette. Needless to say that this entertaining version of European roulette features rewarding payout ratios.

HD streams plus chat function

Double Ball Roulette is definitely one of those online casino games with enchanting power. The high-definition video streams guarantee pulse-racing excitement, while the ability to chat with other players, as well as with the charming croupiers, add up to the live online roulette fun.

Increased chances of winning

Double Ball Roulette Join Double Ball Roulette for as little as €0,25, while you can place bets up to €4,000 per round. The payout odds are without a doubt an important element when playing roulette, such as the European version. Double Ball Roulette offers these gratifying ratios:
  • Winning classic bets net 1300:1
  • Betting on colors can pay 3:1
  • Successful bets on odd or even numbers result in a 3:1 payout
  • Winning bets on dozens and columns pay 8:1
  • Benefit from a doubled payout if you score a winning inside bet
Visit Royal Panda and experience twice as much fun whilst playing Double Ball Roulette.
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