Live Roulette player scoops £69k bonanza at Royal Panda

Royal Panda Live Roulette popularity continues to grow and players are reaping the benefits. Blazej proved that notion this week after collecting a whopping £69,003 in winnings. The gambling enthusiast cashed in as the roulette wheel hit his favorite number on two consecutive spins.

Incredible winning odyssey

Royal Panda live casinoBlazej kicked off the amazing gambling session at Royal Panda with a £3,000 deposit, followed by an incredible run of good luck. Here’s how he earned his fortune:
  • The fortunate gambler scored a £9,625 payout thanks to a £275 bet on 21 red
  • Blazej made things a bit more interesting as he raised his bet to £500, again on 21 red, netting him a staggering £18,000 bonanza
  • His winnings stood at £69,003 when he left his seat at the Royal Panda Live Roulette table

Live Roulette winners

This tremendous tally of wins shows how rewarding live online gambling can be, especially live roulette. A few months ago, Mikael took home a stunning $229k in cash, while a British gambler crammed his wallet with a dazzling $377k whilst playing Live Roulette at Royal Panda a few weeks ago. Experience the thrill of Royal Panda’s live casino, and win some serious cash.
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