German gambler evades prison thanks to one-armed bandit

Some may remember the American television sitcom ‘Saved by the Bell’. A German gambler has not been saved by the bell, but by a slot jackpot. The 37-year-old was about to get arrested, but he evaded arrest thanks to his gambling winnings.

Prison or fine

Slot machineTwo Bochum Police agents came across the gambler during a routine control. The German casino player had $910 in unpaid fines, and he faced a 71-day jail term. A spokesperson for the Bochum Police noted that the 37-year-old had previously resisted arrest. For that reason, he was given the option to pay the fine or spend 71 days behind bars.

Saved by the jackpot

The German gambler was spinning the reels of a slot when the machine started blinking and bells started ringing. He was obviously excited to win a $1,000 jackpot, but the joy was short-lived. Police noticed the 37-year-old man and told him about the outstanding fine. The punter decided to use the slot jackpot to pay the fine, resulting in a new saying: ‘saved by the jackpot’.
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