Belgian gambler scoops £151 million lottery waffle

The EuroMillions lottery is known for its stunning prizes, and a lucky Belgian certainly found out last night as her or she became an instant millionaire thanks to a winning EuroMillions ticket. The lucky ticketholder raked in an eye-watering £151 million in cash. That’s definitely enough money to buy some delicious waffles.

Multimillion pound numbers

EuroMillionsLast night’s EuroMillions draw revealed the winning numbers 5, 12, 20, 24, and 37, plus the two lucky stars 4 and 11. A spokesperson for the transnational lottery confirmed that a single ticket hit the £151 million jackpot. It’s unclear if the fortunate Belgian selected the numbers randomly or if they were based on birthdays, anniversaries or other meaningful dates.

Two £1 million prizes every draw

Besides this £151 million bonanza, three British players scooped a dazzling £110,667.70 each in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw. Britons who buy EuroMillions tickets automatically join the Millionaire Maker game, which nets two participants a £1 million prize in every raffle. That was also the case last night, and the lucky codes include JHBB23412 and THBN39089.
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