Canadian casino gambler leaves $7,000 fortune in taxi

A woman from Canada has avoided a $7,000 hangover although Lady Luck was on her side at a Winnipeg-based gambling parlor. Melodie Ross went home after a successful gambling session, but she left her newfound wealth in a cab. Fortunately for her,

Belgian gambler scoops £151 million lottery waffle

The EuroMillions lottery is known for its stunning prizes, and a lucky Belgian certainly found out last night as her or she became an instant millionaire thanks to a winning EuroMillions ticket. The lucky ticketholder raked in an eye-watering £151

Lotto buddies from Canada land $1 million jackpot

Playing the lotto is twice as fun when you buy tickets with a good friend. Ask John Gabor and Alvin Wick, who have become significantly richer thanks to their shared hobby. The two buddies from the city of North Battleford (Saskatchewan) snagged a

Canadian lotto millionaires keeping their jackpot a secret

A couple from the Canadian city of Abbotsford (British Columbia) will be enjoying a much more comfortable life thanks to a winning lotto ticket. Daniel and Kelly Schulli crammed their wallet with an eye-watering $9.7 million in cash courtesy of the

Three-year-old Kiwi scoops $1 million payout

It goes without saying that minors aren’t allowed to gamble, but that didn’t stop a three-year-old from landing a $1 million jackpot. His parents created a Bonus Bonds account for their newborn baby, which turned out to be a good decision. Their

Aussie attains millionaire status thanks to keno ticket

A gambling enthusiast from Hervey Bay (Queensland, Australia) has become an instant millionaire thanks to a lucky keno ticket. Meet Merv Horne, who scooped a stunning $3 million jackpot. The 62-year-old construction worker has been playing the

British gambler collects £34 million lottery windfall

The owner of a winning EuroMillions ticket has claimed his or her £34 million jackpot, according to the National Lottery. Rumors have emerged that the fortunate punter lives in North West England, most likely in Liverpool. Some speculators claim

Blackjack player scoops $483K payout

Women like shopping, men don’t. Harris Cohen definitely agrees as he prefers to enjoy his favorite casino games rather than strolling through a shopping mall. The Philadelphia resident decided to play blackjack whilst his spouse visited the King

Lord of the Rings slot spills out $1.1 million in cash

Gamblers love to collect cool payouts, but nothing beats the sensation of winning a multimillion jackpot. A slot player from Savoy (Illinois) certainly found out when he crammed his wallet with a stunning $1.1 million cash prize. The lucky gambling

$4 million in winnings after $2 lottery investment

Some investments can be classified as ‘life-changing’, such as a $4 million return from a $2 investment. Stephen Jones Jr. is one of those fortunate investors. He purchased a $2 Mega Millions ticket that hit a stunning jackpot worth a whopping

Casino player hits $99k progressive jackpot

Gamblers love to spin the reels of progressive slots, which are tied to life-changing cash prizes. The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority for example, offers the so-called Rider Pride Jackpot. One fortunate player benefitted from that gratifying

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