Illegal gambling at Yucaipa internet café

Internet cafeRoyal Internet Café based in Yucaipa, California, seemed a normal business, but it was actually an illegal gambling den. Yucaipa Police seized 30 computers and several gambling-related items. Agencies and entities participating in the raids were the San Bernardino County Narcotics and the High Tech Crime.

Online gambling services

A spokesperson for the Yucaipa Police revealed that the cyber café in question allegedly offered customers illegal online gambling. Storefronts advertised themselves as offering internet services, but police say they were actually fronts for illegal online gambling. Patrons could buy online gambling credits using a magnetic card.

Out of business

Multiple customers were gambling at the time of the raid. Detectives interrogated them, after which they were released. 42-year-old Ziad Darghali was arrested and charged with several counts of commercial gambling. In the meantime, the internet café has been shut down. Yucaipa Police are appealing to public for information into the illegal gambling business.
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