Gambling tattoos: One-armed bandit as family member

Family slot tattooSome people have a weak spot for gambling, while others believe that one-armed bandits are just as important as their own family. We have found one of those gambling freaks, who even decided to get a tattoo themed around his (or her?) passion for slot machines. It resulted in a cute creation dedicated to his parents.

Family tribute

The gambling fan in question selected an one-armed bandit with some kind of siren on top. It seems that the slot machine is spilling out coins, which is the result of two sweet winning combinations. Both the word ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ netted him the jackpot. The one-armed bandit, named ‘Family’, is a simple but charming slot machine, which is a nice tribute to his parents.

Spectacular replacement

Unfortunately, one-armed bandits have become an endangered species, replaced by innovative slots. Both land-based gambling venues and online casinos offer players a myriad of slot machines, including:
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