Gambling tattoos: Deceased loved one disguised as slot machine

Slots are without a doubt exciting gambling machines, but some gamblers take their favorite pastime too far. We have found a man who dedicated a slot-themed tattoo to Karen, who departed this transitory life. It goes without saying that it is a wonderful gesture, but it somehow seems an importunate combination.

Slot packed with angel wings

Slot tattoo dedicated to KarenThis tattoo features a classic slot machine with three sevens on the reels, which means someone hit the jackpot. That’s probably a metaphor for the fact that the gambler in question considers Karen as a slot jackpot. The cute gambling machine comes with angel wings, and the one-armed bandit seems to be heading towards the sun, representing Karen’s journey to heaven. A deceased loved one disguised as slot machine is quite a profound tattoo, but at the same time a bit weird.

Lots of slot-inspired body modifications

We have seen so far multiple slot-themed tattoos, including:
It’s an open secret that many slots fans get hooked on their beloved pastime, which could even be interpreted as an affair. Especially, one-armed bandits are popular among gambling fans who also like tattoos. Unfortunately, those cute gambling machines are endangered species, partly because of the ever-growing popularity of online slot machines.
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