Gambling tattoos: Craps dices on sexy belly

Emancipation has also reached the exciting world of gambling, which is obviously a good thing. Who doesn’t like to enjoy attractive women around a craps table. We have located an unidentified woman who loves to throw the dices, which inspired her elegant gambling tattoo.

Sexy stomach

Craps tattoo woman bellyThe female gambling fan in question is the proud owner of a flat belly. We are not sure if she works out a lot, or if she’s simply blessed with a tight body. The two craps dices definitely add a sexy twist to her stomach, while her navel piercing does the rest. She also likes to paint her nails, but in different colors and styles. It appears that she’s quite an exciting (young) lady, who surely gets a lot of attention from men, especially when she shows her hot belly.

Craps for free

Almost needless to say that craps is one of the world’s most popular casino games. Indeed, what would a casino be without the excitement of the rolling dices. The fun game of chance is also a big hit at online casinos. Royal Panda for example, invites players to enjoy Vegas Craps, which features the free-play mode. This means, gamblers can improve their craps skills before playing for real money.
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