The Rise of Live: Is Real-time Gaming for you?

In this article, we will ask whether live gaming is for you, while looking at the qualities required to thrive in a real-time setting.  Understanding the Nature of Live Gaming To determine whether or not live gaming is suitable for you, it is

How to win at Roulette, According to Nottingham University

Let's face facts; technology has changed beyond all recognition during the last two decades, across almost every market and industry that you may care to name. This is a particularly relevant trend within the conjoined gaming and gambling sectors,

Gambling tattoos: Movable slot with roulette wheels

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives, which doesn’t apply for one-armed bandits. This week’s gambling fan however, likes to take his favorite slot with him. Additionally, the extraordinary gambling machine allows him to

Gambling tattoos: One-armed bandit goes all the way

A slot player who goes all-in bets all his money whilst spinning the reels of a gambling machine. This week’s gambler is one of those players, and he even got a tattoo to celebrate his preferred slot strategy. The term ‘all-in’ may also refer

Malaysian cops arrested for gambling in broad daylight

Malaysians like to drink ‘kratom’ and enjoy food at street stalls, while they also love their gambling. However, you wouldn’t expect to see police officers enjoying those things. Eight Sungai Way cops thought otherwise, and now they have to

Malaysian police conduct 42 gambling raids

Black-market gambling remains a big problem in Malaysia. Last week, police conducted 42 gambling raids at multiple locations in the state of Sarawak. 84 people were placed into custody on suspicion of various illegal gambling-related offenses. A

Gambling tattoos: Sagger shows his lifelike creation

Are you familiar with the fashion phenomenon called ‘sagging’? This week’s gambler is one of those people who expose their underwear without any embarrassment whatsoever. The ‘sagger’ in question also has a weak spot for card games, which

Mount Laurel gambling addict faces prison sentence

A gambling addict from Mount Laurel (New Jersey) has been sentenced to prison after a $14,500 embezzlement. Reginald Lawrence has a weak spot for games of chance, but things spiraled out of control as he stole student fees to enjoy his beloved

Gambling tattoos: Casino items signed by artist

Some people uncover their calling at a young age, such as Melinda. When she was seventeen, she decided that tattooing was her life purpose. It was a wise decision as Melinda has proven herself as a talented artist who has created lots of brilliant

Canadian gambler embezzled $6K from government

A woman from Charlottetown (Canada) has to bear the brunt for the embezzlement from her employer. Kimberly Mae MacKinnon stole more than $6,000 in the space of two years to support a gambling problem. The 52-year-old woman has been given a 90-day

Gambling tattoos: Snake eyes observe craps player

Big brother is watching you, or is it a snake? This week’s gambling enthusiast was enjoying his favorite dice game, when a snake or crocodile kept a close eye on him. That can only mean one thing: This guy loves reptiles and craps. An unusual

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