Ypsilanti man gambles with his children's lives

Gambling is an extremely fun pastime, but it should never be at the expense of your children. Montez Sistrunk seems to disagree as he was playing at a Detroit-based casino whilst his two children were inside a locked vehicle. Therefore local police officers arrested the 25-year-old gambling enthusiast.

30 minutes alone inside hot car

Montez Sistrunk arrestedThe Ypsilanti resident tried to hide his two children in the back seat of his vehicle by using a blanket. Sistrunk spent approximately half an hour at the Motor City Casino, while his 5-month-old and 2-year-old suns were unattended in the locked Ford Focus. Fortunately, an observant customer discovered the two children, and alerted casino staff.

Gambling father arrested

Security officials rescued the two young boys after breaking one of the car windows. Local media report that it was as hot as 120 degrees inside the vehicle. There were no signs of the 25-year-old gambler, and authorities reviewed footage captured on CCTV cameras to trace Sistrunk. They arrested the father inside the gambling venue.
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