Three roulette scammers charged with fraud

Three men collected a whopping $50,000 in ‘winnings’ thanks to a fraud scheme at the Horseshoe Casino. The trio included two former employees at the Council Bluffs-based gambling establishment. They have been charged with fraud, according to local media.

Fraudulent roulette winnings

Horseshoe Casino Council BluffsOne of the scammers used to work as a supervisor at the Horseshoe Casino, while another one was employed as a roulette croupier. The other conman used to play at the gambling venue, and they reportedly shared the fraudulent winnings. The scam occurred at least five times in the first quarter of this year, and included wins of $20,000 and $30,000.

Suspicious activities

The crooked roulette croupier allowed his partner in crime to past post, while the pit boss turned a blind eye. Another gambler discovered the suspicious behavior, and informed casino management about the strange activities. The Horseshoe Casino launched an investigation, including examination of CCTV footage. Police arrested 28-year-old Jonathan Rumery, 24-year-old Jonathan Waugh, and 28-year-old Cody Schroeder in connection with the roulette scam.
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