The world’s most famous casinos: Sands Macao

Paul Steelman Design Group developed the Sands Macao, which opened its doors in 2004. The impressive resort features a 229,000 square feet casino packed with a whopping 405 gambling machines. The Sands Macao is extremely popular among gambling enthusiasts from Hong Kong and China.

Ample table games to go around

Sands MacaoIn addition to the huge number of slot machines, Sands Macao’s casino offers 277 table games. The lavish casino is divided between two floors, which also features an area exclusive for women. Gambling fans can choose from:

Amusement and restaurant options

The Sands Macao also boasts a gigantic hotel packed with 3,000 suites. Besides gambling, there are many other forms of amusement available, including spectacular shows, live music, and musicals. Additionally, the Sands Macao offers lots of restaurants, including a McDonald’s, KFC, Japanese restaurant, food court, noodle restaurant, etc.
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