The ten most popular casino games: Craps

Craps is a popular game of chance in many movies, and it probably produces one of the most exciting sounds you will hear in casinos. You may wonder: what’s the deal with craps, why do so many people like it so much? There are three aspects that contribute to the success of the famous dice game.

Simple and fun

Craps tableFirst of all, craps is an extremely easy game without the need to learn some kind of strategy. The fact that there are no specific skills required to throw the dices adds to the simplicity of this game. Luck determines if you win or lose, making it impossible to predict the outcome.

Increased chances of winning

The favorable house odds are another reason why gamblers love to play craps. In fact, the casino’s 0.6% advantage on craps is much lower than those on other popular games. Roulette for example has a house advantage of 29%.

Endless possibilities

Craps is also hugely popular thanks to the wide range of possible results. That explains why players can throw the dices for hours. Due to the extensive array of options, punters can win lots of cash whilst enjoying craps. On the other hand, the amount of money you can lose is also endless.
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