Prostitutes and gambling after successful casino robbery

BellagioThe man who allegedly robbed a Las Vegas casino was having a blast after the heist, according to the police. Scott A. Carmitchel splashed out on hookers and gambling before he was arrested last Saturday.


The 34-year-old suspect displayed a firearm and threatened a staff member of the casino. Carmitchel stole $43,500 from one of the casino tills, according to detectives. The casino robber has an impressive criminal record, including robbery and assault charges. Carmitchel spent several years in jail and appears to be a backslider.

Shopping, gambling and hookers

He failed to provide acceptable identification documents and claimed to be a Kansas resident. Besides gambling and prostitutes, Carmitchel also splashed out on shopping. The 34-year-old criminal said he had stumbled upon a bag packed with money in a car park. Police arrested four hookers at the hotel room, where they also recovered extravagant shopping receipts.
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