Incredible gambling wins: Scammer who won all roulette chips

Ever heard of ‘breaking the bank’? This situation occurs when a player wins more than the house (the bank) has on hand. Charles Deville Wells managed to pull it off at Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino. The self-appointed inventor cashed a whopping $500,000 whilst playing roulette.

Amazing winning streak

Monte Carlo CasinoFirst of all, Wells entered the casino with more than $6,200 in his pockets. That money came from investors who were willing to finance one of his ‘fantasy inventions’. Lady luck was on Wells’ side as he enjoyed a remarkable winning streak. Eleven hours later, the ‘inventor’ had turned $6,200 into $500,000. His winnings exceeded the bank’s set of roulette chips.

Out of luck

However, lady luck would soon leave Wells in the lurch. The fraudster returned to Monte Carlo, where he used all his winnings to gamble, but he lost every penny. On top of all that, British authorities arrested him for fraud. After spending 8 years behind bars, Wells was arrested on two other occasions.
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